Men’s tears are actually more sincere

Men’s tears are actually more sincere

“Please, give me back my dog.

“The scene of a US male star crying on the TV last week was immediately reported by major media, which really caught a lot of attention.

  According to the American Fox News Network, American emotion expression experts have found that crying men are more likely to be sincere than women.

US Federal University researchers provided participants with 284 returns to test, and they found that tear-eye blur was more affirmative than uncovered tears, and that men’s tears were more likely to get a positive response.

Yale University social psychologist said, “Women cry more easily and are labeled emotionally, lacking self-control and loss of reason.

“” The lacrimal gland system is the same for men and women. ‘Men don’t cry easily when they have tears’ is a cultural requirement for men. ”

“Fang Gang, a professor at the Department of Psychology of Beijing Forestry University, analyzes that society and culture require men to be stronger, and they cannot arbitrarily show their fear when encountering setbacks.

“Big husband bleeds without tears”, tears are not a way for men to express their emotions, so, under normal circumstances, men do not cry easily.

They may only cry when they encounter a huge setback or a strong emotional change that they cannot release.

  Probably because “things are rare and expensive.”

Fang Gang said that once a man shed tears, people will feel more real, thinking that such feelings are precious and moving.

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